Why work with us?

Design thinking

It starts with listening to the potential project. We create solutions with the information we have obtained. We analyze the solutions and share them with you.

Lean startup

We test the solutions we have simplified and repeat this if necessary. Then we proceed to the MVP preparation stage.

Let’s do it together

We’ve worked for famous startups and large organizations, so we know the problems faced by entrepreneurs every day from our own projects. Full transparency and live access to project monitoring to keep you in loop. Together we will transform your vision into a market-winning product.

Extensive know-how

We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies, and we invest in continuing education and training to respond to any new technology challenges and demands from our clients.

Continuous partnership

Momentup Development Company is your trusted development partner not only while creating a product, but well after it's released. We offer product support and enhancement at whatever level you need and our customers become our continued partners.

Cost efficiency

Save your money with software that is shipped faster and has to be maintained less frequently than the usual market offerings.

Agile development

Everything we do is planned so that the project we started is a super project. We divide things and proceed in this way. Thus, we manage both budget and time with high quality.

MVP development approach

It will be a small start to realize your dream project with an MVP. We can provide the necessary funding support for your project to grow, or we can meet you with people who want to invest. You should know that your dream is our priority.

SWOT analysis

Every project has its strengths and weaknesses. And there is always an opportunity or danger. Here we will try to guide you by using SWOT analysis to help you here.

Business thinking

As a team that we have developed our own projects, we are also aware that this work is difficult. Therefore, we stand by you both with our experience and developing technology.

Interactive experience

Interactive, long-term projects with our experienced and innovative team have also made a difference. We are here for you with the interactive experience we brought as a new breath.

Independent dedicated team

We have a team that will devote himself from the beginning to the end of the project. We are end-to-end ready with the product manager, strategist, tester and the entire developer team.

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